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A wonderful offering to Townsville. Situated in the beautiful heritage building of Stanton House, Flinders Street East. ​

The Inner Light Meditation Centre is a space that aligns with the Philosophy of non-dualistic teachings. 

​Our centre aims to share love and wisdom via a range of modalities that promote physical, psychological and spiritual awareness, which include meditation, kundalini yoga, sound baths, breathwork, qigong, full moon cacao ceremonies, workshops, and events. ​


The Centre is also available for use for facilitators via Energy Philanthropy. We aim to give and receive from the heart. Please join us in expanding the conscious awareness of our community and the planet.

What is Energy Philanthropy?

- Energy with Love

- It is generosity in all its forms and is often defined as giving gifts of “time, talent, and treasure” for the purpose of helping make life better for other people.

- Given from the heart without condition for exchange of the monetary platform.

‘When you replace the money structure of condition with t
he energy of the heart and you give without expectation of something in return you can create and project a completely new timeline’. Marina Jacobi
Calendar of sessions and events

I wonder what life

will place upon my path today

that will bring me to a greater awareness

of self and other selves

Maurice H-H

meditation Centre.jpeg

Book a session with our team of practitioners


We offer some of our sessions via 

energy philanthropy.

You can donate and contribute any amount you want, however, there is no expectation to do so in attending meetings. 


Contact Inner Light Meditation Centre

We welcome you to join us!

Stanton House, Level 1, 197 Flinders Street, Townsville.

0439009815 (Mo)

0414323429 (Alli)

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