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Tea with Mo

Lectures on non-duality

Lectures based on understanding the nature and fabric of reality,

in a group setting where one can sit and contemplate the teachings of eastern and western philosophies through the lens of non-dualism.

Some of the topics discussed range from forgiveness, suffering, enlightenment, gratitude, stillness, peace, calm, meditation, mindfulness, death, purpose, ego, reincarnation, and many more.

Maurice Harvey-Hall Meditation

Maurice HH

The joining of the inner and outer worlds has led Maurice to becoming a registered nurse specializing in mental health.


He has studied various psychotherapies and has a great affiliation with the mindfulness-based therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy.

Maurice has also studied and Taoist philosophy and Buddhist psychology and has a passion for neuroscience.


He has practised mediation over a 25 year period and has found the inner journey of meditation to be an awakening experience.

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